Porous Mullite Ceramic Modification with Nano-WO3
Materials 2023
Ludmila Mahņicka-Goremikina, Ruta Švinka, Visvaldis Švinka, Vadims Goremikins, Svetlana Ilic, Līga Orlova, Inna Juhņeviča, Māris Rundāns, Toms Valdemārs Eiduks, Artūrs Plūdons

Mullite and mullite–alumina ceramics materials with dominance of the mullite phase are used in different areas of technology and materials science. Porous mullite ceramics materials can be used simultaneously as refractory heat insulators and also as materials for constructional elements. The purpose of this work was to investigate the WO3 nanoparticle influence on the evolution of the aluminum tungstate and zircon crystalline phases in mullite ceramics due to stabilization effects caused by different microsize ZrO2 and WO3. The use of nano-WO3 prevented the dissociation of zircon in the ceramic samples with magnesia-stabilized zirconia (MSZ), increased porosity by approximately 60  1%, increased the intensity of the aluminum tungstate phase, decreased bulk density by approximately 1.32  0.01 g/cm3, and increased thermal shock resistance by ensuring a loss of less than 5% of the elastic modulus after 10 cycles of thermal shock.

Atslēgas vārdi
mullite; aluminum tungstate; zircon; porous ceramic; tungsten oxide; zirconia

Mahņicka-Goremikina, L., Švinka, R., Švinka, V., Goremikins, V., Ilic, S., Grase, L., Juhņeviča, I., Rundāns, M., Eiduks, T.V., Plūdons, A. Porous Mullite Ceramic Modification with Nano-WO3. Materials, 2023, Vol. 16, No. 13, Article number 4631. Pieejams: doi:10.3390/ma16134631

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