High Performance EMI Shielding Polymer Composites
Baltic Polymer Symposium 2023: Book of Abstracts 2023
Sergejs Gaidukovs, Miks Bleija, Oskars Platnieks

The escalating challenges in safeguarding society against military, cyber, and hybrid threats have underscored the necessity for novel defence strategies. Among these challenges, securing mission-critical equipment and vital infrastructure against electromagnetic threats stands out. Key components of society's functioning, such as energy distribution networks, information and communication technologies, transportation systems, security mechanisms, and financial stability, are all vulnerable to electromagnetic interference (EMI). Despite modern advancements, mitigating high-frequency EMI remains a formidable issue. A particularly concerning aspect is the proliferation of relatively compact, cost-effective yet potent high-frequency devices in the possession of terrorist groups. This dynamic threat landscape introduces new complexities. Addressing these challenges presents a significant opportunity for the advancement of emerging advanced polymer materials tailored for cybersecurity applications.

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High Performance EMI Shielding Polymer Composites

Gaidukovs, S., Bleija, M., Platnieks, O. High Performance EMI Shielding Polymer Composites. No: Baltic Polymer Symposium 2023: Book of Abstracts, Latvija, Jelgava, 20.-22. septembris, 2023. Riga: Riga Technical University, 2023, 22.-22.lpp.

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