Sustainable Approach Development for Education of Electrical Engineers in Long-Term Online Education Conditions
Sustainability 2023
Iryna Trunova, Shchasiana Arhun, Andrii Hnatov, Pēteris Apse-Apsītis, Nadežda Kuņicina, Vasiliy Myhal

The prolongation of the online education period is a significant challenge nowadays in Ukraine. Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, educational institutions have been destroyed, leading to a significant movement of students both within the country and abroad. Consequently, the quality of educational services has suffered, particularly in technical specialties that require hands-on and laboratory work. The objective of this article is to explore solutions for training Ukrainian students in technical fields under the circumstances of war, with a focus on ensuring their safety and improving the overall quality of education. This article analyzes the existing methods of conducting laboratory work in remote settings. It identifies that distance learning at foreign universities, without the necessity of physical relocation, holds the most promising potential. Moreover, it recommends leveraging the “My Digital Electrical Engineering” (MDEE) laboratory, developed at RTU, for conducting remote laboratory work. A comprehensive examination of the MDEE laboratory is presented, along with a step-by-step algorithm for integrating it into the educational process at KhNAHU. The findings of this study can be utilized to enhance distance learning practices in Ukrainian technical universities. This, in turn, will enable students to continue their education during the war while ensuring their safety and facilitating the acquisition of knowledge at a high standard.

Atslēgas vārdi
digital tools | distance education | electrical engineering | IoT | online teaching | power engineering | quality of education | virtual labs | war in Ukraine

Trunova, I., Arhun, S., Hnatov, A., Apse-Apsītis, P., Kuņicina, N., Myhal, V. Sustainable Approach Development for Education of Electrical Engineers in Long-Term Online Education Conditions. Sustainability, 2023, Vol. 15, No. 18, Article number 13289. e-ISSN 2071-1050. Available from: doi:10.3390/su151813289

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