Synthesis and Properties of New 3-Heterylamino-Substituted 9-Nitrobenzanthrone Derivatives
Molecules 2023
Armands Maļeckis, Marija Cvetinska, Aleksandrs Pučkins, Sergejs Osipovs, Jelizaveta Sirokova, Sergejs Beļakovs, Jeļena Kirilova

In the present study, new fluorophores based on disubstituted benzanthrone derivatives were designed starting from 9-nitro-3-bromobenzanthrone with nucleophilic substitution of the bromine atom with some secondary cyclic amines. It has been found that this reaction is positively affected by the presence of a nitro group in comparison with 3-bromobenzanthrone. The new compounds exhibit intense absorption and pronounced luminescent properties in various organic solvents. In this regard, their photophysical properties were evaluated with an experimental study of the solvatochromic behavior of the obtained compounds in various solvents. It has recently been found that the addition of an electron-withdrawing nitro group to the benzanthrone core increases its first- and second-order hyperpolarizability. Such dyes can be used in the fabrication of optical limiter devices. Therefore, the developed fluorescent molecules have a potential prospect for extensive application in optoelectronics.

Atslēgas vārdi
benzanthrone; heterocycle; substituted amines; nitro derivative; fluorescence; solvatochromism; crystal structure

Maļeckis, A., Cvetinska, M., Pučkins, A., Osipovs, S., Sirokova, J., Beļakovs, S., Kirilova, J. Synthesis and Properties of New 3-Heterylamino-Substituted 9-Nitrobenzanthrone Derivatives. Molecules, 2023, Vol. 28, No. 13, Article number 5171. ISSN 1420-3049. Pieejams: doi:10.3390/molecules28135171

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