Computer Vision and Machine Learning-Based Predictive Analysis for Urban Agricultural Systems
Future Internet 2024
Artūrs Ķempelis, Inese Poļaka, Andrejs Romānovs, Antons Patļins

Urban agriculture presents unique challenges, particularly in the context of microclimate monitoring, which is increasingly important in food production. This paper explores the application of convolutional neural networks (CNNs) to forecast key sensor measurements from thermal images within this context. This research focuses on using thermal images to forecast sensor measurements of relative air humidity, soil moisture, and light intensity, which are integral to plant health and productivity in urban farming environments. The results indicate a higher accuracy in forecasting relative air humidity and soil moisture levels, with Mean Absolute Percentage Errors (MAPEs) within the range of 10–12%. These findings correlate with the strong dependency of these parameters on thermal patterns, which are effectively extracted by the CNNs. In contrast, the forecasting of light intensity proved to be more challenging, yielding lower accuracy. The reduced performance is likely due to the more complex and variable factors that affect light in urban environments. The insights gained from the higher predictive accuracy for relative air humidity and soil moisture may inform targeted interventions for urban farming practices, while the lower accuracy in light intensity forecasting highlights the need for further research into the integration of additional data sources or hybrid modeling approaches. The conclusion suggests that the integration of these technologies can significantly enhance the predictive maintenance of plant health, leading to more sustainable and efficient urban farming practices. However, the study also acknowledges the challenges in implementing these technologies in urban agricultural models

Atslēgas vārdi
deep learning; computer vision; Internet of Things; sensor networks; urban agriculture; convolutional neural networks; thermal images

Ķempelis, A., Poļaka, I., Romānovs, A., Patļins, A. Computer Vision and Machine Learning-Based Predictive Analysis for Urban Agricultural Systems. Future Internet, 2024, Vol. 16/2, No. 44, 1.-14.lpp. Pieejams: doi:10.3390/fi16020044

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