Crystallinity as a Factor of SERS Stability of Silver Nanoparticles Formed by Ar+ Irradiation
Helyon 2024
Natalia Doroshina, Oleg Streletskiy, Ilya Zavidovskiy, Mikhail Tatmyshevskiy, Gleb Tselikov, Olesya Kapitanova, Alexander Syuy, Roman Romanov, Prabhash Mishra, Vjačeslavs Bobrovs, Andrey Markeev, Dmitry Yakubovsky, Irina Veselova, Aleksey Arsenin, Valentyn Volkov, Sergey Novikov

The plasmonic sensors based on silver nanoparticles are limited in application due to their relatively fast degradation in the ambient atmosphere. The technology of ion-beam modification for the creation of monocrystalline silver nanoparticles (NPs) with stable plasmonic properties will expand the application of silver nanostructures. In the present study, highly-stable monocrystalline NPs were formed on the basis of a thin silver film by low-energy ion irradiation. Combined with lithography, this technique allows the creation of nanoparticle ensembles in variant forms. The characterization of the nanoparticles formed by ion-beam modification showed long-term outstanding for Ag nanoparticles stability of their plasmonic properties due to their monocrystalline structure. According to optical spectroscopy data, the reliable plasmonic properties in the ambient atmosphere are preserved for up to 39 days. The mapping of crystal violet dye via surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) revealed a strong amplification factor sustaining at least thrice as long as the one of similarly sized polycrystalline silver NPs formed by annealing. The plasmonic properties sustain more than a month of storage in the ambient atmosphere. Thus, ion-beam modification of silver film makes it possible to fabricate NPs with stable plasmonic properties and form clusters of NPs for sensor technology and SERS applications.

Atslēgas vārdi
Linear spectroscopy; Low-energy Ar+ irradiation; Metal optics; Monocrystalline silver nanoparticles; Plasmonics; SERS

Doroshina, N., Streletskiy, O., Zavidovskiy, I., Tatmyshevskiy, M., Tselikov, G., Kapitanova, O., Syuy, A., Romanov, R., Mishra, P., Bobrovs, V., Markeev, A., Yakubovsky, D., Veselova, I., Arsenin, A., Volkov, V., Novikov, S. Crystallinity as a Factor of SERS Stability of Silver Nanoparticles Formed by Ar+ Irradiation. Helyon, 2024, Vol. 10, No. 6, Article number e27538. ISSN 2405-8440. Available from: doi:10.1016/j.heliyon.2024.e27538

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