“Particle Therapy - Future for the Baltic States?” – Synthesis of the Expert Workshop Report
Health and Technology 2024
Kristaps Paļskis, Erika Korobeinikova, Dace Bogorada-Saukuma, Anna Maria Camarda, Rebecca Taylor, Elena Benedetto, Edgars Mamis, Maija Radziņa, Andrejs Ērglis, Diana Adliene, Manjit Dosanjh, Maurizio Vretenar, Toms Torims

Background: Baltic States remains one of the few regions in the Europe without a dedicated particle therapy center. An initiative since 2021 has been started by CERN Baltic Group on a novel particle therapy center development in the region in partnership with CERN NIMMS collaboration. With a conceptual design idea in early 2022 and stakeholder engagement activities in late 2022 - next step forward was necessary for the initiative for a more in-depth analysis. Methods: A dedicated workshop “Particle therapy - future for the Baltic States? State-of-play, synergies and challenges” was held. The workshop was attended by medical community from the Baltics, as well as CERN technical experts and particle therapy practicing clinicians, with scientific programme split in 5 main areas of investigation. Results: Current cancer epidemiology statistics and RT technological possibilities in the region were analyzed, with first estimates of eligible number of patients calculated. Technological development level of the proposed accelerator complex was discussed, as well the clinical needs and synnergy possibilities with the nuclear medicine field. Conclusions: The current state and calculated first estimates presented here have shown a promising starting point, which prompts even further in-depth work – a feasibility study for development of a novel particle therapy center in the Baltic States.


Paļskis, K., Korobeinikova, E., Bogorada-Saukuma, D., Camarda, A., Taylor, R., Benedetto, E., Mamis, E., Radziņa, M., Ērglis, A., Adliene, D., Dosanjh, M., Vretenar, M., Torims, T. “Particle Therapy - Future for the Baltic States?” – Synthesis of the Expert Workshop Report. Health and Technology, 2024, Vol. 14, No. 1, 1.-1.lpp. ISSN 2190-7188. e-ISSN 2190-7196. Pieejams: doi:10.1007/s12553-024-00875-2

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