Floating Robot Motion Dynamics Analysis and Control Synthesis
Управляемые вибрационные технологии и машины: сборник научных статей. Т.2 2010
Jānis Vība, Edgars Kovals, Guntis Kuļikovskis, Māris Eiduks, Jean-Guy Fontaine, William Megill

To best describe ship or submarine (the robot) motion dynamics, generally accepted denotations and coordinates of aircraft and ship movements are used. Explanation in English with references to the Internet is given in the research, as well as the mathematical model of the robots body is offered. Second part of the paper offers control system for the floating object

Atslēgas vārdi
floating robot, motion dynamics, robots angular motion

Vība, J., Kovals, E., Kuļikovskis, G., Eiduks, M., Fontaine, J., Megill, W. Floating Robot Motion Dynamics Analysis and Control Synthesis. No: Управляемые вибрационные технологии и машины. Т.2. Курск: Курский государственный технический университет, 2010, 226.-233.lpp. ISBN 978-5-7681-0561-7.

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