Research of the Wind Energy Resource Distribution in the Baltic Region
World Renewable Energy Congress XI (WREC XI): Proceedings 2010
Peteris Šipkovs, Valērijs Bezrukovs, Vladislavs Pugačevs, Vladislavs Bezrukovs, Vladimirs Silutins

Governmental support and the availability of large unpopulated areas on the coasts of the Baltic countries make attractive the use of these lands for siting large wind power plants (WPP). Studies in the area of wind energy resource distribution are carried out by the IPE with collaboration with the VeU. The observations of wind speed were made using the measuring complex NRG LOGGER 9200 Symphonie. The results of long-term observations on the wind energy density fluctuations at heights of 10 to 60 m in the area on the Baltic Sea coast of Latvia are presented in the form of tables, bar charts and graphs. The wind speed distribution is analysed. The coefficients of approximating functions for two areas of different terrain types have been calculated, and extrapolation results for the distribution curves of wind speed and energy density obtained. The acoustic noise level distribution around a planned WPP has been modelled.

Atslēgas vārdi
wind energy, wind energy density fluctuations, measurement of wind speed, acoustic

Šipkovs, P., Bezrukovs, V., Pugačevs, V., Bezrukovs, V., Silutins, V. Research of the Wind Energy Resource Distribution in the Baltic Region. No: World Renewable Energy Congress XI (WREC XI): Proceedings, Apvienotie arābu emirāti, Abu Dhabi, 25.-30. septembris, 2010. UK: Future Technology Press, 2010, 1931.-1936.lpp. ISBN 9780956151612.

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