Biomorph ceramic for catalytic decomposition of phenol
Gaida Maruta Sedmale, Mārtiņš Randers, Māris Rundāns, Līga Orlova

Biomorphic ceramic for catalytic destruction applies to special traditional clay ceramic materials which have catalytic and sorbtive properties for treatment of sewege water.
Aim of this invention is at elevated temperatures sintered porous/cellular ceramic material that is made using 2:1 layered illitic clay in combination with natural lichen or moss, used as templates for this material.
Presented biomorphic ceramic material for catalytic decomposition of phenol has high porosity (more than or equal to 45 %), low compressive strength, density ~1,05g/cm3 and relatively high catalytic ability comapred to similar syntethic materials that contains Cu and Ni compounds.

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