Development of Cartographic Information Collection System with Remotely Piloted Aerial Vehicles Complex for Safe Maritime Vessels’ Navigation
Dmitrijs Goreļikovs

01.10.2019. 12:00, Latvija, Rīga, Lauvas 8, 218. auditorijā

Margarita Urbaha

Andrejs Šaņavskis, Eduardas Lasauskas, Mārtiņš Kleinhofs

In recent years, the rapidly growing demand for merchant navy seagoing vessels and thus is necessary to improve marine vessels’ navigation systems - using the additional and new possibilities to make them more effective and safer to use. One of the navigation systems, without which modern maritime navigation is impossible, is the electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS). However, for obtaining proven information is very important to provide the ECDIS system with the latest information and data available to improve proofing processes and make them even faster. With the development of the electronic chart system, the requirements for collecting information, its speed, accuracy and expenses are also increasing. It is necessary to evaluate the existing principles of making correction and drawbacks of using them for trying to obtain information in real time. The doctoral thesis consists of four chapters; the first chapter define main tasks and problems of electronic chart correction, as well as the analysis of existing cartographic data acquisition systems. As a result, arguments have been put forward to establish new system in this area, based on utilization of remotely piloted aerial vehicles (RPVs). In the course of the research, the mathematical model of the optimal flight routing procedure was developed for electronic chart’s data correction acquisition. During research general concept and algorithm of the cartographic information collection system (CICS) with remotely piloted aerial vehicles complex was developed. Based on the results, CICS realization was implemented in the promotion work and represented in the fourth chapter. Based on the practical results obtained in the study process, it has been proven that the developed cartographic information collection system, after professional implementation, will provide the possibility to make corrections at electronic chart in real time.

Tālvadības gaisa kuģis, Bezpilota aviācijas komplekss, Elektronisko jūras karšu displeja un informācijas sistēma, Kartogrāfiskās informācijas datu ieguves sistēma

Goreļikovs, Dmitrijs. Development of Cartographic Information Collection System with Remotely Piloted Aerial Vehicles Complex for Safe Maritime Vessels’ Navigation. PhD Thesis. Rīga: [RTU], 2019. 183 p.

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