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1 Modelling of Systems of “Operator - Vehicle - Outdoor Environment” Viktors Feofanovs, Aleksandrs Urbahs
2 Multipurpose Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Design Aleksandrs Urbahs, Konstantins Savkovs, Vladimirs Bulanovs, Vladimirs Petrovs, Aleksandrs Jakovļevs
3 Determination of Characteristics of Reliability of Radio Connection Taking into Account the Disturbing Effect of Unterferences and Technical Condition of the Radio Equipment Tamāra Hodakovska, Vladimirs Hodakovskis
4 Development of Project of the International Strategic Alliance of Tourist Branch Latvia – Russia Viktors Člaidze
5 Estimation Methodology of Aircraft Crew Functional Activity Viktors Feofanovs, Aleksandrs Urbahs
6 Development of the Ceramic Construction of Gas-Turbines Blades for 5th Generation Engine Ernests Lejnieks, Mukharbiy Banov, Vladimirs Labendiks, Valerijs Muhins
7 Acoustic Emission Diagnostics of Bearing Knot of Electric Motor Mukharbiy Banov, Jurijs Feščuks, Aleksejs Nasibullins, Leonīds Vinogradovs
8 Heat Recovery Possibilities for Advanced Slow Speed Diesel Engine Power Plants Andris Zāģeris, Jūris Cimanskis
9 Innovative Technologies of Biologically Compatible Implant Materials and Products Creation Aleksandrs Urbahs, Konstantins Savkovs, Margarita Urbaha, Jurijs Martinovs
10 Indicators of the Efficiency of Automatic Vehicle Location Systems Aleksandrs Mročko, Jurijs Sikeržickis
11 Modeling of Intellectual Logistic Net Ravils Muhamedijevs
12 Nanotechnologies and Intermodality in Intelligent Transport Systems Jurijs Šuņins
13 Probability Model Far Evaluating Efficiency of an Airline’s Activity Vladimirs Hodakovskis, Jevgenija Trofimenko
14 Reliability of Experts’ Group Evaluation at Making Decisions Tamāra Hodakovska, Jevgenija Trofimenko
15 Statistical Tasks Solution of Punctual and Unbiased Estimation with the Software Application Viktors Ļumkis
16 The Function of Availability of the Means of Radio Connection under Interference Effects during the Non-Overlapping Time Intervals Tamāra Hodakovska, Vladimirs Hodakovskis
17 Short-Term Financial Investments in Management of Funds of Transport Enterprises Jevģenija Fjodorova
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