RTU Research Information System
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# Title Full-text Authors
1 Research of Image Transmission through the Channel with Errors, Using BCH-Code Aleksandrs Jeršovs
2 Logical System Reliability Computation Software Dmitrijs Ķēniņš
3 Electrogasdynamic Model of Two-Phase Multi Component Aerosol Medium Valērijs Ušakovs
4 Elliptic Filters with Minimal Q-Factor Valentīns Bičkovskis
5 Possibility of a New Commercial Express Bus Route Organization under Existing Conditions Jeļena Baranova, Andrejs Jevsejevs, Aleksandrs Medvedevs
6 Error Probability for Hamming Code Using Viterbi Detector in Channel with Memory Valentīns Bičkovskis
7 Perfecting of Processing Technology of the Container and Packaged Cargoes in Marine Terminals of the Baltic Region Aleksandrs Urbahs, Margarita Urbaha, Aleksandrs Cerkovņuks
8 Transport Supply Control Problem Computerization Diāna Santalova, Vladimirs Ananko
9 Aircraft Crew Activity Assessment when Training an Complex Aircraft Simulators with the Application of Fuzzy Logic Principles Aloizs Lešinskis, Viktors Feofanovs
10 Modeling of Self-Similar Traffic in High-Performance Computer Networks Pāvels Ulanovs, Ernests Pētersons
11 Power Way of the Description of Closed Loops of Mechanical Hysteresis Anatolijs Kobtsevs
12 Modeling Information Signals of Short-Range Radio-Navigation Systems in Aviation Training Systems and Test Benches Ansis Klūga
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