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1 Empirical Relations Analogous to Snoek's Law for Account of Polycrystalline Ferrites Grain Size Effects Jānis Jankovskis
2 Exact Solution to the Problem on the Vector Potential of an Arbitrary Form Wire with Given Current Maksimiliāns Antimirovs, Ilona Dzenīte
3 Impulse Holograms in Amorphous Semiconductor Films Andris Ozols, Ģirts Ivanovs, Sergejs Lazarevs
4 Measurement Circuits and Data Processing for Transistor 1/f Noise Parameter Extraction Māris Zeltiņš, Ilmārs Slaidiņš
5 Research of Behavior of Data Processing Servers in the Intellectual Transport Systems in Non-Stationary Operating Mode Sergejs Iļņickis
6 Transport Intelligent Systems Cost/Performance Research in Dependence on Hardware Parameters Vadims Bistrovs, Ernests Pētersons
7 Using Fading to Improve Accuracy of Cell ID Based Mobile Positioning Algorithms, Analysis of Special Cases Ritvars Krievs
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