Latvian Real Estate Announcements Monitoring in 2023
Valērijs Skribans, Natalia Masli, Maryna Demyanchuk, Jānis Vanags, Iveta Stāmure, Raja Kočanova, Iveta Amoliņa

This data set represents real estate market announcements monitoring data in Latvia in 2023. The data was collected from online ads site The database contains 209,9 thousand ads and consists of 24 groups of data (type of deal, price, characteristics and address of real estate, etc.). The data reflects the dynamics of price changes by months (at the beginning of the month) in 2023. Monitoring continued in 2023 was started in 2018. In 2023 the new impuls of data application was found. It is associated with the possibility of planning the urban environment taking into account the transition of transport to environment friendly fuel types.

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Economy, Transport, Business, Economics, Econometrics, Real Estate Economics, Data Science, Geographic Information System, Real Estate Market, Real Estate Location Analysis, Energetics
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