Non-thermal Plasma for VOC Treatment in Flue Gases
Jānis Ikaunieks, Līga Mežmale, Aivars Žandeckis, Jeļena Pubule, Andra Blumberga, Ivars Veidenbergs

The paper discusses non-thermal plasmas, their generation and characteristics, formation mechanisms of ozone and the treatment of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In the experimental part, undecane (C11H24 as model VOCs) was treated with assistance of low temperature plasma at an atmospheric pressure which was generated in the so-called stack reactor. The gas composition was 13% of oxygen in nitrogen with impurities of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and undecane. The formation of by-products, as well as the removal efficiency, were investigated.

Atslēgas vārdi
Non-thermal plasma, dielectric barrier discharge, VOC treatment

Ikaunieks, J., Mežmale, L., Žandeckis, A., Pubule, J., Blumberga, A., Veidenbergs, I. Non-thermal Plasma for VOC Treatment in Flue Gases. Environmental and Climate Technologies. Nr.6, 2011, 31.-37.lpp. ISSN 1691-5208.

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