The Potential of Geothermal Energy Usage in Latvia
Proceedings of World Renewable Energy Forum (WREF 2012) 2012
Jeļena Tihana, Anatolijs Borodiņecs, Andris Krēsliņš, Jurģis Zemītis

The purpose of this publication is aimed to give an insight of the Latvian hydrogeological description, paying special attention to possibility of thermal groundwater usage in the production of heat. The highest geothermal potential in Latvia is located in the Western and central part of the country. Geothermal aquifer zone characteristics are indicative for utilization of this energy source for space heating using geothermal heat pumps. The use of an absorption heat pump nearly eliminates energy consumption and operation costs for the heat pump and the design has made it possible to avoid corrosion problems and to reinject millions of cubic meter of saline geothermal water in a sandstone reservoir.

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geothermal energy, Latvia, potential

Tihana, J., Borodiņecs, A., Krēsliņš, A., Zemītis, J. The Potential of Geothermal Energy Usage in Latvia. No: Proceedings of World Renewable Energy Forum (WREF 2012), Amerikas savienotās valstis, Denver, 13.-17. maijs, 2012. Denver: American Solar Energy Society, 2012, 1.-4.lpp. ISBN 978-1-938547-04-1.

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