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Publikācija: Lime Based Mortars for Desalinization of Historical Buildings

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Nosaukums oriģinālvalodā Lime Based Mortars for Desalinization of Historical Buildings
Pētniecības nozare 2. Inženierzinātnes un tehnoloģijas
Pētniecības apakšnozare 2.4. Ķīmijas inženierzinātne
Autori Janīna Sētiņa
Svetlana Kirilova
Atslēgas vārdi desalination, application of lime, restoration
Anotācija Lime based mortars have different applications in the field of restoration of monuments, e.g. bedding, jointing, plastering, mending or filling the gaps and even desalination. Water soluble salts are quite often present in historical constructions and are considered to be one of the main damaging and powerful reasons for deterioration of porous masonry. According to the previous research devoted to restoration mixtures as well as analysis of historical binders, compositions keeping the ratio binder (calcium or dolomitic lime) to filler (sand) 1:3 were elaborated. Different additives as portlandcement, natural pozzolana or trass in amount of 12 % for experimental model samples were used. The investigation included visual observation, microscopical evaluation of state of samples, mercury porosity measurements before and after exposure in salts solutions, profiles of distribution of nitrate, sulphate and chlorine ions and crystalline phases in all depths samples by chemical and XRD analysis as well as measurements of compressive strength, density. Laboratory scale studies indicated that both the dynamics and rate of water absorbtion, ability to draw in solution of salts, resistence to salt crystallisation and compressive strength is in strong correlation with the porosity, density of samples as well as type of binder and additives. Obtained experimental data can further serve as a data base for planning practical restoration activities in salinated environments and where application of lime based grouts is essential. In order to clarify the influence of soluble salts (NaCl, NaNO3, Na2SO4) to the properties of lime based mortars and desalination ability of it applied to natural material experimental model samples were studied by simulating the salination processes.
Atsauce Sētiņa, J., Kirilova, S. Lime Based Mortars for Desalinization of Historical Buildings. No: Ibausil, 18. Internationale Baustofftagung. Tagungsbericht, Bd.2, Vācija, Weimar, 12.-15. septembris, 2012. Weimar: Bauhaus-Universität, 2012, 1222.-1227.lpp. ISBN 978-3-00-034075-8.
ID 14400