Modeling Business Capabilities and Context Dependent Delivery by Cloud Services
Jelena Zdravkovic, Jānis Stirna, Martin Henkel, Jānis Grabis

Contemporary business environments are changing rapidly, organizations are global, and cloud-based services have become a norm. Enterprises operating in these conditions need to have the capability to deliver their business in a variety of business contexts. Capability delivery thus has to be monitored and adjusted. Current Enterprise Modeling approaches do not address context-dependent capability design and do not explicitly support runtime adjustments. To address this challenge, a capability-driven approach is proposed to model business capabilities by using EM techniques, and to use model-based patterns to describe how software applications can adhere to changes in the execution context. A meta-model for capability design and delivery is presented with the consideration to delivering solutions as cloud services. The proposal is illustrated with an example case from an energy efficiency project. A supporting architecture for the capability development and the delivery in the cloud is also presented.

Atslēgas vārdi
Model-Driven Development

Zdravkovic, J., Stirna, J., Henkel, M., Grabis, J. Modeling Business Capabilities and Context Dependent Delivery by Cloud Services. No: Advanced Information Systems Engineering: Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Vol.7908. Berlin: Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2013. 369.-383.lpp. ISBN 9783642387081.

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