Vascular Implants Reinforced with Natural Silk Yarns
Viktorija Kancēviča, Andrejs Lukjančikovs

In the course of this research work woven synthetic prosthesis reinforced with natural silk yarns was designed and manufactured. Biomechanical properties of surgical natural silk were studied during designing of the structure of the walls of the prosthesis. The experiment gave good data of elasticity and strain properties in a process of laboratory testing of samples of natural fibers. The previous practical experience was also used, for example, various vascular prostheses made from polyurethane complex yarns and polyester monofilaments. As a result, the authors of the scientific work proposed a combined wall structure of vascular prosthesis, consisting of polyester, polyurethane, and natural silk surgical yarns. After the implantation of the synthetic prosthesis reinforced with natural silk yarns, these natural silk yarns completely dissolve in the body for several years. Living tissue is gradually growing into the walls of synthetic prosthesis, replacing dissolved natural silk yarns. Experimental tests confirmed that a modulus of elasticity of innovative prosthesis is close to modulus of elasticity of natural blood vessels. The innovative structure of blood vessel prosthesis combined with such parameters can provide a long-term normal hemodynamics.

Atslēgas vārdi
Natural silk yarns, vascular implant, woven vascular prosthesis

Kancēviča, V., Lukjančikovs, A. Vascular Implants Reinforced with Natural Silk Yarns. Materiālzinātne. Tekstila un apģērbu tehnoloģija. Nr.8, 2013, 16.-19.lpp. ISSN 16913132.

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