Aging of Nanosized ZnO Modified Polyoxymethylene Blends with Ethylene–octene Copolymer
Polymer - Plastics Technology and Engineering 2015
Agnese Ābele, Remo Merijs-Meri, Jānis Zicāns, Jānis Grabis, A. Aniskevich

The influence of ethylene–octene copolymer and zinc oxide (ZnO) on structure and tensile stress–strain behavior of polyoxymethylene were investigated before and after ultraviolet weathering. Addition of ZnO considerably improved stress–strain characteristics of the ultraviolet-irradiation impaired composites. Crystallinities of ultraviolet-irradiated composites were affected by numerous competitive processes, including suppression of crystallization in the presence of multiple components in the system, nucleation induced by nanofiller, secondary crystallization and amorphization because of the chain scissions of the macromolecules. Addition of ZnO considerably improved stability of the composites, as testified by corresponding changes in the intensities of hydroxyl and carbonyl absorption peaks.

Atslēgas vārdi
Polymer nanocomposites | Tensile properties | UV stability

Grigaloviča, A., Merijs-Meri, R., Zicāns, J., Grabis, J., Aniskevich, A. Aging of Nanosized ZnO Modified Polyoxymethylene Blends with Ethylene–octene Copolymer. Polymer - Plastics Technology and Engineering, 2015, Vol.54, Iss.11, 1201.-1206.lpp. ISSN 0360-2559. e-ISSN 1525-6111. Pieejams: doi:10.1080/03602559.2014.1003227

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