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Publikācija: Certification of Persons: an Important Conformity Assessment Procedure

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Nosaukums oriģinālvalodā Certification of Persons: an Important Conformity Assessment Procedure
Pētniecības nozare Vadībzinātne
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Autori Maija Kavosa
Inga Lapiņa
Atslēgas vārdi conformity assessment, certification, certification of persons, energy constructors, professional competence
Anotācija Purpose of the article: The aim of the paper is to evaluate theoretical aspects of certification in order to assess the importance of conformity assessment procedures in ensuring compliance of professional competence in accordance with the requirements set out in the professional sphere, as well as to identify possible benefits that certification provides to both the organization and the individual. Methodology/methods: The methodology is based on comparison and analysis of literature and views published by various authors about the certification as a means of assessing a person’s professional competence. Scientific aim: To promote scientific discussion and in-depth research of aspects related to certification of persons as regards assessment of their competence and continuous practice monitoring procedures in general, and specifically in the field of energy construction in order to avoid formal attestation of conformity, which can result in the threat to human health and life. Findings: Certification of persons is not only a way of confirming their professional competence, but also one of the most important qualification control mechanisms in the regulated sphere where the person has no rights to pursue their professional activities without an adequate proof of their competence. Certification also plays an important role in ensuring public and work safety in order to prevent circumstances in which untrained personnel’s performance because of their professional incompetence or non-compliance to professional requirements may result in harm to the environment and public safety. Conclusions: Evaluation and analysis of the theoretical aspects of certification of persons provide a general notion of certification as the conformity assessment procedure which applies to any area to be certified and can serve as a basis for further studies of certification. Bodies operating certification of persons should evaluate not only the knowledge of the persons to be certified and their professional experience in the particular sphere, but also their ability to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in situations related to their professional activities, i.e. their competence. Competence evaluation is the biggest challenge at present. In order to describe the certification process of energy constructors and to identify its role in ensuring that the professional competence complies with the requirements set out in the field of energy, it is necessary to pursue in-depth studies.
Hipersaite: http://www.icem.lt/public/icem/ICEM_2016_selected%20papers.pdf#page=295 
Atsauce Kavosa, M., Lapiņa, I. Certification of Persons: an Important Conformity Assessment Procedure. No: Smart and Efficient Economy: Preparation for the Future Innovative Economy : 21st International Scientific Conference Economics and Management (ICEM 2016): Proceedings of Selected Papers, Čehija, Brno, 19.-20. maijs, 2016. Brno: Brno University of Technology, 2016, 294.-300.lpp. ISBN 978-80-214-5413-2.
ID 23032