Spectrometric Analysis of Inner Divertor Materials of JET Carbon and ITER-like Walls
Fusion Engineering and Design 2019
Liga Avotina, Davis Conka, Aigars Vitins, Elina Pajuste, Larisa Baumane, Andris Šutka, Natalija Skute, Gunta Kizane

One of main reasons of the Joint European torus (JET) transformation from the carbon (JET-C) to ITER-like (JET-ILW) wall was high tritium retention of carbon. In order to compare the tritium retention, samples of analogous positions of the plasma-facing side of vertical tiles No. 3 of two campaigns: JET-C (2008–2009) and JET-ILW (2011–2012) were cut out. Temperature-programmed tritium desorption spectrometry in He + 0.1% H2 gas flow showed that JET-C sample without a tungsten coating had by a factor of >20 higher surface concentration of tritium than JET-ILW tungsten-coated sample: 4.9 × 1013 and 1.7–2.2 × 1012 T atoms/cm2 respectively. Installation of metallic plasma facing wall in the JET was a unique possibility to collect from the vacuum vessel the first wall erosion products (EP) – dust and flakes. Selected EP were investigated by means of energy dispersion X-ray (EDX), electron spin resonance (ESR), infrared and Raman spectrometry. EDX analysis shows presence of metallic impurities and carbon as a main component. Investigations with ESR spectrometry allows to estimate presence of two main paramagnetic centres – g = 2.002 and g = 2.12. Infrared spectra show presence of inorganic oxides. The obtained results supplement the information about composition of the EP from fusion devices.

Atslēgas vārdi
JET, Divertor, Tritium, Temperature programmed tritium desorption, Spectrometry

Avotina, L., Conka, D., Vitins, A., Pajuste, E., Baumane, L., Šutka, A., Skute, N., Kizane, G. Spectrometric Analysis of Inner Divertor Materials of JET Carbon and ITER-like Walls. Fusion Engineering and Design, 2019, Vol. 146, 82.-86.lpp. ISSN 0920-3796. Pieejams: doi:10.1016/j.fusengdes.2018.11.037

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