A Capability-Based Method for Modeling Resilient Data Ecosystems
Jānis Grabis, Līva Deksne, Evita Roponena, Jānis Stirna

Modern information systems rely on data analytics and use various data sources to steer information processing and process execution activities. Capability-driven development is a method for the design and delivery of this kind of information systems. This chapter elaborates a method extension for capability-based modeling of data ecosystems for the purpose of ensuring their resilience. The ecosystem perspective is adopted because there is a need to understand the interactions among the various parties involved in capability delivery. The ecosystem model allows to analyze the impact on reliability and other properties of data providers on capability delivery resilience. The meta-model is elaborated together with a set of rules for analyzing the ecosystem model. The model is perceived as a property graph, and the network theory is used for the analysis. The ADOxx meta-modeling platform is used to implement the modeling tool, which is integrated with a graph database, where the model analysis is performed. The method and the tool are demonstrated using an example of a winter road maintenance ecosystem.

Atslēgas vārdi
Capability management, Resilience Ecosystem, modeling, Property graph

Grabis, J., Deksne, L., Roponena, E., Stirna, J. A Capability-Based Method for Modeling Resilient Data Ecosystems. No: Domain-Specific Conceptual Modeling. D.Karagiannis, M.Lee, K.Hinkelmann, W.Utz red. Cham: Springer, 2022. 339.-363.lpp. ISBN 978-3-030-93546-7. e-ISBN 978-3-030-93547-4. Pieejams: doi:10.1007/978-3-030-93547-4_15

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