Application of Digital Twin in Medium-Voltage Overhead Distribution Network Inspection
Remote Sensing 2023
Diāna Gauče, Arnis Lektauers, Irina Solovjova, Roberts Grants, Deniss Kolosovs, Anna Litviņenko

The paper is devoted to the digital transformation of the core engineering maintenance processes involved in medium-voltage overhead distribution network infrastructure inspection. The study presents an analysis of digital twin utilization for inspection of the infrastructure of medium-voltage overhead distribution networks. At present, the infrastructure monitoring process is still manual, and its automatization is a challenging task due to the large distances between and small dimensions of the elements involved. The proposed digital twin is employed for 3D infrastructure modeling and complex analysis based on photogrammetry and aerial scanning data processing methods. The paper describes practical use cases for these data-driven methods for specific infrastructure management processes, e.g., scheduled inspection processes, including geometrical parameter measurements and visual infrastructure element defect identification, unplanned inspection processes (state of emergency, post-storm, etc.), and vegetation management processes. The proposed method allows operations to be performed remotely without physical presence in the field. At the same time, data-driven solutions provide objective results and potential automation via machine learning algorithms, which are more profitable economically. As the proposed method allows processes to be performed remotely, these data-driven solutions offer cost-effective results for automation. The digital twin concept is applied to the Latvian medium-voltage overhead distribution network with the support of the Latvian distribution system operator “Sadales tīkls” JSC.

Atslēgas vārdi
medium-voltage overhead infrastructure; geospatial information system; digital transformation; photogrammetry; LiDAR; 3D model; power grid infrastructure; machine learning; digital twin; data-based process

Gauče, D., Lektauers, A., Solovjova, I., Grants, R., Kolosovs, D., Litviņenko, A. Application of Digital Twin in Medium-Voltage Overhead Distribution Network Inspection. Remote Sensing, 2023, Vol. 15, No. 2, 1.-20.lpp. e-ISSN 2072-4292. Pieejams: doi:10.3390/rs15020489

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