A Review on Trombe Wall Technology Feasibility and Applications
Sustainability 2023
Aleksejs Prozuments, Anatolijs Borodiņecs, Guna Bebre, Diāna Bajāre

The current global energy challenges require strategies to increase energy-independence across regions and individual countries in order to facilitate and foster the utilization of passive energy sources. As such, solar energy utilization for covering and offsetting building heating loads is a sustainable way to reduce energy consumption (electricity, gas etc.) for space heating. Trombe wall technology is a passive building solar heating system that can be modified and applied to mild and cold regions. This work presents a review of Trombe wall system’s feasibility and applications across different climatic regions. Trombe wall systems are applicable as a secondary space heating source in mid-sunshine and cold regions. However, a number of design and structural aspects must be thoroughly considered, including the incorporation of PCMs, and the integration of PV/BIPV elements and other performance-improving aspects to enhance the system’s thermal performance and output. The findings of this work can be used in potential future assessments of the Trombe wall system’s technology in different climatic regions.

Atslēgas vārdi
energy efficiency | passive energy systems | passive heating | solar thermal energy | Trombe wall

Prozuments, A., Borodiņecs, A., Bebre, G., Bajāre, D. A Review on Trombe Wall Technology Feasibility and Applications. Sustainability, 2023, Vol. 15, No. 5, Article number 3914. ISSN 2071-1050. Available from: doi:10.3390/su15053914

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