Gas-Sensing Properties of Light-Activated, V Doped TiO2
Cyseni 2023 Proceedings 2023
Viktor Sydorenko, Raivis Eglītis, Andris Šutka

This project aims to address the limitations of the metal oxide-based gas sensors. Traditional gas sensors, which implement metal oxides in their design, only work effectively at elevated temperatures, typically between 175 to 500 ⁰C. Such activation requirements not only create a dangerous working environment, but also limit the applicability for flammable gas detection and impose regular upkeep and energy tolls. To overcome these restrictions, the project proposes an alternative approach where the metal oxide is activated using light, with the energy that can surpass the metal oxide’s band gap. The semiconductor which we use to achieve this goal is vanadium doped TiO2. Even though the base TiO2 showed good response magnitude to volatile organic compounds, it still has several undesirable shortcomings in its photocatalytic activation. To deal with those issues, the TiO2 doped with vanadium cations is implemented, with the expectation that the procedure should enhance the photoactivating performance and shorten its band gap. The doping is conducted in the inert atmosphere, then the v-TiO2 is dispersed in the butanol and thin film of the particles is prepared over the golden electrodes for the following gas-sensing measurements. The response of the v-TiO2 samples is evaluated in the synthetic air both under the UV and simulated light using different amounts of volatile organic compounds. Several different vanadium percentages were synthesised and compared between each other. The Raman spectroscopy and XRD was performed to analyse the crystalline structure of the samples in their powder form. Also, XPS and DRS was performed as well, to analyse the chemical composition and the optical band gap in the same way. In addition, the thickness of the thin film is studied using scanning electrons microscopy.

Atslēgas vārdi
Gas sensors, TiO2, vanadium

Sydorenko, V., Eglītis, R., Šutka, A. Gas-Sensing Properties of Light-Activated, V Doped TiO2. No: Cyseni 2023 Proceedings, Lietuva, Kaunas, 23.-26. maijs, 2023. Kaunas: 2023, 1.-1.lpp.

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