On-Site Testing of Dynamic Facade System with the Solar Energy Storage
Energy 2023
Ruta Vanaga, Jānis Narbuts, Zigmārs Zundāns, Andra Blumberga

Decarbonistation goals for building stock calls for innovative solutions on both supply and demand side. Thermal envelopes with in-build energy storage could gather on-site solar energy and reduce cooling or heating loads of the buildings. Results of on-site testing of dynamic facade system with the solar energy storage are presented in the paper. Proposed solar façade consists of phase change material to rise the heat capacity of the building envelope, aerogel for insulation, Fresnel lens for solar energy concentration accompanied by moving reflective blades for heat transfer enhancement. Comparative study was conducted in PASLINK type test booths– the performance of proposed solar façade was compared to the reference element – the highest performance triple glazed window suitable for low energy buildings. The detailed measuring setup provide information on the thermal performance of phase-change material enhanced building envelope under different outdoor conditions (summer, autumn, winter) in Northern European climate. The gained results indicate that proposed solar façade module provides lower energy demand during the cooling season compared to the window, in mid-season it performs similarly, however in heating season proposed solar façade in its current composition is outperformed by high performance triple glased window.

Atslēgas vārdi
Active building envelope | Buildings for on-site energy storage | PASLINK | Phase change material | Renewable energy in building envelope

Vanaga, R., Narbuts, J., Zundāns, Z., Blumberga, A. On-Site Testing of Dynamic Facade System with the Solar Energy Storage. Energy, 2023, Vol. 283, Article number 128257. ISSN 0360-5442. Pieejams: doi:10.1016/j.energy.2023.128257

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