Preparation of Thermoplastic Cellulose Esters in [mTBNH][OAC] Ionic Liquid by Transesterification Reaction
Polymers 2023
Elvira Tarasova, Nutan Savale, Illia Krasnou, Marina Kudrjašova, Vitālijs Rjabovs, Indrek Reile, Lauri Vares, Heikko Kallakas, Jaan Kers, Andres Krumme

The transesterification of cellulose with vinyl esters in ionic liquid media is suggested as a prospective environmentally friendly alternative to conventional esterification. In this study, various long-chain cellulose esters (laurate, myristate, palmitate, and stearate) with a degree of substitution (DS) up to 1.8 have been synthesized in novel distillable ionic liquid, [mTBNH][OAC]. This IL has high dissolving power towards cellulose, which can improve homogeneous transesterification. Additionally, [mTBNH][OAC] has durability towards recycling and can be regenerated and re-used again for the next cycles of esterification. DMSO is used as a co-solvent because of its ability to speed up mass transport due to lower solvent viscosity. The optimization of the reaction parameters, such as co-solvent content, temperature (20–80 °C), reaction time (1–5 h), and a molar ratio of reactants (1–5 eq. AGU) is reported. It was found that within studied reaction conditions, DS increases with increasing reaction time, temperature, and added vinyl esters. Structure analysis using FTIR, 1H, and 13C NMR after acylation revealed the introduction of the alkyl chains into cellulose for all studied samples. The results also suggested that the substitution order of the OH group is C7-O6 > C7-O2 > C7-O3. Unique, complex thermal and rheological investigation of the cellulose esters shows the growth of an amorphous phase upon the degree of substitution. At the same time, the homogeneous substitution of cellulose with acyl chains increases the melt viscosity of a material. Internal plasticization in cellulose esters was found to be the mechanism for the melt processing of the material. Long-chain cellulose esters show the potential to replace commonly used externally plasticized cellulose derivatives.

Atslēgas vārdi
cellulose esters | FACE | ionic liquids | mTBN superbase | rheology | transesterification

Tarasova, E., Savale, N., Krasnou, I., Kudrjašova, M., Rjabovs, V., Reile, I., Vares, L., Kallakas, H., Kers, J., Krumme, A. Preparation of Thermoplastic Cellulose Esters in [mTBNH][OAC] Ionic Liquid by Transesterification Reaction. Polymers, 2023, Vol. 15, No. 19, 3979.-3979.lpp. e-ISSN 2073-4360. Pieejams: doi:10.3390/polym15193979

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