Electrospinning Triboelectric Laminates: A Pathway for Scaling Energy Harvesters
Small 2023
Artis Linarts, Peter Sherrell, Kaspars Mālnieks, Amanda Ellis, Andris Šutka

Herein, a new paradigm of triboelectric polymers—the triboelectric laminate—a volumetric material with electromechanical response comparable to the benchmark soft piezoelectric material polyvinylidene difluoride is reported. The electromechanical response in the triboelectric laminate arises from aligned dipoles, generated from the orientation of contact electrification in the laminates bulk volume. The dipoles form between sequential bilayers consisting of two different electrospun polymer fibers of different diameter. The loose interface between the fiber bilayers ensures friction and triboelectric charging between two polymers. The electric output from the electrospun triboelectric laminate increases with increasing density of the bilayers. This system design has clear benefits over other flexible devices for mechanical energy harvesting as it does not require any poling procedures, and the electromechanical response is stable over 24 h of continuous operation. Moreover, the electromechanically responsive electrospun laminate can be made from all types of polymers, thus providing ample room for further improvements or functionalities such as stretchability, biodegradability, or biocompatibility. The concept of a triboelectric laminate can be introduced into existing triboelectric nanogenerator form factors, to dramatically increase charge harvesting of a variety of devices. © 2023 The Authors. Small published by Wiley-VCH GmbH.

Atslēgas vārdi
contact electrification; electrospinning; energy harvesting; Polymers; triboelectric nanogenerators

Linarts, A., Sherrell, P., Mālnieks, K., Ellis, A., Šutka, A. Electrospinning Triboelectric Laminates: A Pathway for Scaling Energy Harvesters. Small, 2023, Vol. 19, No. 14, Article number 2205563. ISSN 1613-6810. Pieejams: doi:10.1002/smll.202205563

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