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Scientific Journals of RTU /  Construction Science /  Vol. 9, No. 1 (2008)
# Title Full-text Authors
1 Investigation of Alternative Dolomite Filler Properties and Their Application in Concrete Production Aleksandrs Korjakins, Sergejs Gaidukovs, Genādijs Šahmenko, Diāna Bajāre, Danuta Pizele
2 Behaviours of Composite Cables in the Roof Raimonds Ozoliņš, Kārlis Rocēns, Dmitrijs Serdjuks
3 Creep Approximation Method for Bent Wood Material Elements Andris Baikovs, Kārlis Rocēns
4 Determination of Biodegradable Dissolved Organic Carbon in Waters: Comparision of Suspended and Attached Biomass Methods Kristīna Tihomirova, Jānis Rubulis, Tālis Juhna
5 Equilibrium Scour Depth at Water Intake Structures Boriss Gjunsburgs, Roberts Neilands
6 Identification of the Damage Zone in a Composite Plate by Using Frequency Changes Sandris Ručevskis
7 Monitoring Programm Criterions Development for Evaluation of Groined Masonry Arch Stability Kaspars Bondars, Aleksandrs Korjakins
8 Optimal Design of Fiberglass Panels with Physical Validation Kaspars Kalniņš, Gints Jēkabsons, Reinis Beitlers, Olģerts Ozoliņš
9 Potentialities of Using the Metal-Working Waste in Production of the Heat Treated Building Materials Diāna Bajāre, Aleksandrs Korjakins, Ineta Rozenštrauha, Linda Krāģe
10 The Effect of Reinforcement on the Ultrasonic Longitudinal Waves Propagation Velocity in Concrete by Sounding Surface of the Reinforced Structural Elements Uldis Lencis, Aigars Ūdris, Valdis Zvejnieks, Aleksandrs Korjakins
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