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# Title Full-text Authors
1 Fifteen Years Experience in Education of Quality Professionals at the Institute for Quality Engineering Jānis Rudņevs, Jānis Mazais
2 The Role of Customer in Evaluation of the Quality in Higher Education Evija Eglīte, Guna Eglīte, Iveta Grauduma
3 Computer Technologies in Studies of Mechanical Engineering: What, How, Where? Jānis Rudņevs, Jānis Mazais, Gunārs Upītis
4 Opportunities for Small Business Growth and Effective Management Guna Čivčiša
5 The Analysis of Differences between the ISO and GMP Quality Systems Vjačeslavs Krauklis
6 Integration of the Quality Management Methods in Engineering Study Programms Evija Eglīte, Guna Eglīte, Iveta Grauduma
7 Analysis of Maneuvering Processes of Kegums Hydroelectric Plant Water Gates Gunārs Upītis
8 Development of Study Content and Methods in Automatic Control for Mechanical Engineers Jānis Kaņeps
9 New European Qualifications Framework for Engineering Education Jolanta Janauska, Jānis Mazais, Narimants Salenieks
10 Analysis of Methodologies for Product Design Assessment Anita Geriņa-Ancāne
11 Professional Education, Research and Innovation for Manufacturing to Thrive Jolanta Janauska, Jānis Bērziņš, Narimants Salenieks
12 Quality Management, Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Blood Establishments Natālija Bolbate
13 Company's Quality Management System in 2009 Iveta Mežinska
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