Macromolecular Therapeutic Systems
Jolanta Staško, Anda Dzene, Nataļja Loginova, Velta Tupureina, Mārcis Dzenis, Ludmila Savenkova

Hydrophilic polymers are of special interest for application in medicine due to their biocompatibility, solubility and ability to absorb water. One of the most ancient and at the same time the most popular polymer is poly (vinyl alcohol) (PVA). The main objective of the presented study was elaboration of macromolecular polymeric matrices on the basis of PVA provided for wound protection as wound dressing containing therapeutic substances (TS) designated as therapeutic systems. Therapeutic systems should provide temporary physiologic wound covering and control of the intensive inflammatory reactions characteristic for open wound as well as degree of protection from mechanical trauma, vapor permeability characteristics similar to skin, and a barrier to bacteria.

Atslēgas vārdi
antiseptic therapeutic systems, poly (vinyl alcohol) and therapeutic substances

Greidāne, J., Dzene, A., Loginova, N., Tupureina, V., Dzenis, M., Savenkova, L. Macromolecular Therapeutic Systems. Materiālzinātne un lietišķā ķīmija . Nr.12, 2006, 199.-203.lpp. ISSN 1407-7353.

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