Improvement of CdS Thin Film Crystallinity by Nd:YAG Laser Radiation
8th International Conference "Advanced Optical Materials and Devices": Programme and Abstracts 2014
Artūrs Medvids, Pāvels Onufrijevs, Rims Janeliukštis, Edvīns Daukšta, José Luis Plaza, Sandra Rubio, Ernesto Diéguez, Natalija Berezovska, Igor Dmitruk

Cadmium zinc telluride (CdZnTe) is a direct band gap semiconductor, it is used in a variety of applications, including radiation detectors, photorefractive gratings, electro-optic modulators, solar cells, and terahertz generation and detection. An additional use is as a substrate material for the epitaxial growth of mercury cadmium telluride (HgCdTe), an infrared detector material. Imperfections in CZT crystal as Te inclusion and point defects affect the quality of Hg1−xCdxTe epilayers deposited on them and play a role in limiting the performance of infrared (IR) detectors. A possibility to improve the transmition and quality of CdZnTe crystal by Nd:YAG laser radiation was shown. The changes of optical properties of Cd1−xZnxTe crystal after laser irradiation was investigated. The optical transmission and photoluminescence spectra of CdZnTe crystal before and after irradiation by basic frequency of Nd:YAG laser were studied and discussed. Indium doped CdZnTe single crystal was grown by the vertical gradient freeze method. For crystal growth high-purity Cd, Zn and Te: 7N materials were used and doped with 3ppm of In atoms. The prepared samples were irradiated by Nd:YAG with following parameters: wavelength λ=1064 µm, pulse duration =5ns,. The bulk of CdZnTe crystal was irradiated by intensity I=5.0 MW/cm2 and maximum number of laser pulses 3.6∙104. The transmission spectra of the CdZnTe:In crystal increased after irradiation by the laser. After laser irradiation the intensity of D0X band PL is increased, but intensity of the A0X band PL decreases. This effect is explained by decrease of VCd concentration in the irradiated sample due to additional recombination with In interstitial (Ini) atoms. The evidence of the CdZnTe:In crystal quality increase are following: decrease of the area under exciton bands on 17% which related with defects, Cdi and VCd, concentration and increasing of the free exciton peak intensity.

Atslēgas vārdi
CdS, thin film, Nd:YAG

Medvids, A., Onufrijevs, P., Janeliukštis, R., Daukšta, E., Plaza, J., Rubio, S., Diéguez, E., Berezovska, N., Dmitruk, I. Improvement of CdS Thin Film Crystallinity by Nd:YAG Laser Radiation. No: 8th International Conference "Advanced Optical Materials and Devices": Programme and Abstracts, Latvija, Riga, 25.-28. augusts, 2014. Riga: Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy, 2014, 19.-19.lpp. ISBN 978-9934-517-58-7. e-ISBN 978-9934-517-59-4.

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