Об иновационом подходе к экономическому управлению опасными отходами в Латвии
KSI Transactions on Knowledge Society 2010
Nora Dubro, Anatolijs Magidenko, Konstantins Didenko

Hazardous waste management, became the most attractive aspect of scientific research in the last decades. Hazardous waste constructes only 1,5-2 % of total waste amount, but its negative ,influence makes а serious problem for environment. According to EU requirements, the basis of hazardous waste management policy must be innovative approach. The primary goal of creation of innovative hazardous waste management system is rational use of material resources. The purpose of an innovative system isn't only the decision of environmental problems, but transformation of recycling of hazardous waste into highly remunerative, quickly repayable business. High ecological and economic effect can be obtained with considerably less capital in case of complex interaction of different hazardous waste management strategies. Intensity of each strategy is determined by available economical resources and prospective result, what expresses as reduction of amount of annual financial hazard. The systematic innovative approach of hazarsouw waste management should be based on scientific economic substantiation, long-range forecasting and optimization.

Atslēgas vārdi
hazardous waste, innovative management, amount of financial hazard, tetraedr of management strategies

Dubro, N., Magidenko, A., Didenko, K. Об иновационом подходе к экономическому управлению опасными отходами в Латвии. KSI Transactions on Knowledge Society, 2010, Vol. 3, No. 2, 12.-16.lpp. ISSN 1313-4787.

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