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Patent number Date of publication (B) Title Authors Type
21. LV15342B 20.10.2018. Synchonous wind generator Latvian
22. LV15297B 20.10.2018. Carrier device for wet painted canvases Latvian
23. LV15341B 20.08.2018. Gasification device Latvian
24. LV15247B 20.07.2018. Toroidal balancing device for rotary units Latvian
25. LV15259B 20.05.2018. Method for improvement CdZnTe crystal structure Latvian
26. LV15276B 20.05.2018. WDM-PON transmission system with all optical channel add-drop function Latvian
27. LV15314B 20.05.2018. Temperature shock-resistant porous cordierite ceramic Latvian
28. LV15317B 20.05.2018. Medium voltage distribution network with distributed generation line ground fault protection method Latvian
29. LV15303B 20.04.2018. Method for forming anisotropic hydrophobicity on the sheet surface Latvian
30. LV15298B 20.04.2018. Method of synthesis of alkyl- and aryl-D-mannopyranosides and 1-thio-D-mannopyranosides in liquid sulfur dioxid Latvian