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Patent number Date of publication (B) Title Authors Type
51. LV15175 20.03.2017. Plaster with thermo-regulation and heat isolation properties and applying method thereof Latvian
52. LV15139 20.03.2017. Sulfone synthesis from potassium allyltrifluoroborates Latvian
53. LV15140 20.03.2017. Method for purification of betulonic acid Latvian
54. LV15124 20.01.2017. Thermal insulation material from granulated sawdust Latvian
55. LV15169 20.01.2017. Method for testing of products on vibration strength Latvian
56. LV15156 20.11.2016. Device and method for relay protection of electrical network Latvian
57. LV15060 20.04.2016. Remedy for reinforcement of bone defects in osteoporosis Latvian
58. LV15096 20.03.2016. Method for ring opening of azetidines with nucleophiles in liquid sulfur dioxide Latvian
59. LV15095 20.03.2016. Method for synthesis of amides using Ritter reaction in liquid sulfur dioxide Latvian
60. LV15011 20.12.2015. Composition of sorption granules based on natural clays Latvian