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Patent number Date of publication (B) Title Authors Type
51. LV15194B 20.06.2017. Transformerless high boost DC-AC inventer Latvian
52. LV15215B 20.05.2017. Out-of step regime control method Latvian
53. LV15214B 20.05.2017. Initiation method of phase trasition in tin sulphides Latvian
54. LV15207B 20.05.2017. Method for identification of single phase-to-ground fault in high-voltage power transmission lines Latvian
55. LV15202B 20.05.2017. Thermally treated alkaline activated material with PH regulatory properties and its application in continuous biogas fermentation process Latvian
56. LV15147B 20.03.2017. Method for production of landfill gas Latvian
57. LV15175B 20.03.2017. Plaster with thermo-regulation and heat isolation properties and applying method thereof Latvian
58. LV15139B 20.03.2017. Sulfone synthesis from potassium allyltrifluoroborates Latvian
59. LV15140B 20.03.2017. Method for purification of betulonic acid Latvian
60. LV15124B 20.01.2017. Thermal insulation material from granulated sawdust Latvian