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Patent number Date of publication (B) Title Authors Type
21. LV15153B 20.03.2019. Environmentally friendly carbon granule sorbent and method of manufacture thereof Latvian
22. LV15292B 20.03.2019. Extraction of metals from water solutions Latvian
23. LV15340B 20.03.2019. Method for obtaining sorbent Latvian
24. LV15358B 20.12.2018. Mass for low-reflective enamel coating Latvian
25. LV15282B 20.11.2018. Construction of suspended stairs Latvian
26. LV15313B 20.11.2018. Method for production of nanostructured composite Latvian
27. LV15342B 20.10.2018. Synchonous wind generator Latvian
28. LV15297B 20.10.2018. Carrier device for wet painted canvases Latvian
29. LV15341B 20.08.2018. Gasification device Latvian
30. LV15247B 20.07.2018. Toroidal balancing device for rotary units Latvian