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Patent number Date of publication (B) Title Authors Type
31. LV15296 20.03.2018. Device and method for production of driving force in underwater floating vehicle Latvian
32. LV15267 20.02.2018. 3-azido-3deoxybetulinic acid, its preparation and pharmaceutically acceptable salts Latvian
33. LV15218 20.01.2018. Catalyst for hydrocarbon from renewable feedstock Latvian
34. LV15186 20.12.2017. Material for the heat-resistance articles and coatings containing silicon carbide Latvian
35. LV15236 20.12.2017. Dispersion compensated spectrum sliced wavelenght division multiplexed optical communication system Latvian
36. LV15224 20.12.2017. System and method for measuring of non-linearity coefficient in optical fibers for telecommunications Latvian
37. LV15225 20.12.2017. Equipment for evaluating the tribological properties of materials Latvian
38. LV15187 20.11.2017. Foamed concrete with reduced shrinkage Latvian
39. LV15200 20.10.2017. Method for making a filtering element of a water filter Latvian
40. LV15233 20.09.2017. Reinforced concrete screw pile Latvian