Engineering / Managerial Education for the New Professionalism
Proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering Education (ICEE 2008) 2008
Narimants Salenieks, Jolanta Janauska, Jānis Mazais

The EC New Industry Policy, which is based on New Lisbon “Partnership for Growth and Jobs” put knowledge and innovation at the hearth of European growth, thus allowing businesses to create more and better jobs with an intension to make Europe a more attractive place to invest and work. With an intention to foster achievement of strategic goals for growth and development of Latvia’s economy, the improvement of training, vocational and life-long education system is defined as one of the main priorities. Development of knowledgable, creative, skillful and proactive professionals capable to add value to production and creative industries at local and international levels, to promote productive cooperation throughout Europe and increased competitiveness throughout the world is exceptionally significant for Latvia. Descriptors of European Qualification Framework determine extent to which qualifications – knowledge, skills and abilities in education, labor market, social and cultural environments are assessed/leveled out. Qualification is understood as a level of professionalism, confirmed by the competent/authorized institution by assessing of the achievements, performance, and gains in the corresponding sphere of professional activity, study/learning. Engineering/managerial high schools/universities are facilitating improvement of higher education in all study cycles, thus promoting increase in innovation proficiency level and effectiveness of the higher professional education in Europe, and creation of new, proficient professionalism, which can be characterized by common skillful research and innovation competencies.

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engineering, managerial, education, professionalism

Salenieks, N., Janauska, J., Mazais, J. Engineering / Managerial Education for the New Professionalism. No: Proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering Education (ICEE 2008), Ungārija, Peča - Budapešta, 27.-31. jūlijs, 2008. Peča - Budapešta, HU: Prof. Dr. Jozsef Mecsi, Dean, Pollack Mihaly Faculty of Engineering, 2008, 1.-7.lpp.

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