RTU Research Information System
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# Title Full-text Authors
1 Congeneration Heat Application for Air Cooling by Absorber Cooler Daniels Turlajs, Jānis Nagla, Viktors Grivcovs
2 Analysis of PV Installation Efficiency with Panels of M110 Type Zbigniew Zapalowicz
3 Carbon Control in the Flame with an Air Swirl = Oglekļa satura regulēšana liesmā ar gaisa virpuļplūsmu M. Zaķe, I. Barmina, Daniels Turlajs
4 Combustion and Gasification Experiments with Woody Biomass from Souther Norway M. Barz, M. Kunce, K.H. Nielsens, M. Ahlhaust
5 Influence of the Electric Field on the Swirling Flame Formation M. Zaķe, Daniels Turlajs, I. Barmina, G. Šteins
6 The Analysis of the Power Plant of Gas and Steam Cycle Based on Combustible Gas with Low Calories Maksims Šaškovs, Jānis Nagla
7 Investigation of Interface Oscillations during Boiling = Divfāzu robežas svārstības pētīšana vārīšanās procesā Yu.A. Kuzma-Kichta
8 Prognosis Elaboration on Energy and Energy Resources Production and Consumption in Latvia with the Help of Programming Method Mesap Sergejs Vostrikovs, Daniels Turlajs, Antra Kundziņa, Ēriks Geriņš
9 The Chose of a Pilot Project for Raising the Efficiency of the Energy Use and Minimaising Harmful Emissions Gita Actiņa, Boriss Petrovs, Viktors Zēbergs, Namejs Zeltiņš
10 Research of Heat Transfer Intensification in Threaded-Profile Pipes Jurijs Kuzma-Kičta, Peteris Saveļjevs, Sergejs Korjakins, Aleksejs Dobrovoļskis
11 Decrease in the Emissions Causing the Greenhouse Effect by Saving Electric and Thermal Energy Žanis Krams, Boriss Petrovs, Viktors Zēbergs, Namejs Zeltiņš
12 Efficiency Evaluation of Heat Pump Deriven by Internal Combustion Engine Daniels Turlajs, Viktors Grivcovs, Dmitrijs Rusovs
13 Solid Sorption Coolers for Tri-Generation Alexander Antukh, Olga Filatova, Andrei Kulakov, Leonard Vasiliev
14 Mechanism of Liduid – Heating Surface Intertaction in Process of Prolonged Builing Daniels Turlajs
15 Thermodynamic Aspects of Organic Rankine Cycle Micro CHP J. Mikielewicz, S. Bykuc, D. Mikielewicz
16 Analysis of Steam Bubbles Growth by Process Characteristic Time Method Daniels Turlajs, V. Grivcovs
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