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1 Algorithm of the Semi–Analytic Type Inertial Navigation System with the Correction of the Parameters of Absolute Movement in the Geographical System of Coordinates Dmitrijs Fetisovs, Tatjana Trifonova-Bogdanova, Pjotrs Trifonovs-Bogdanovs
2 Analysis of Unsteady Flow Periodic Pulsations Action on Aerodynamics of Bodies at Subcritical Reynolds Numbers Gints Filipsons, Nataļja Sidenko, Valērijs Ušakovs
3 Assurance of Operators Quality System Evita Lilienfelde, Vladimirs Šestakovs
4 Quality of Motorists` Training Process as the Basic Condition of Road Traffic Safety Pāvels Jeļinskis
5 Civil Aviation Accidents and Incidents Divided According to the Groups of Managing Aviation Personnel Timurs Gaļejevs, Evita Lilienfelde, Vladimirs Šestakovs
6 Components of Human Factor Normunds Dreimanis, Vladimirs Šestakovs
7 Deductive Enunciation of Kinematics of a Classical Mechanics : Geometrical Problems and Passage from Geometry to Kinematics Viktors Labendiks
8 Deductive Enunciation of Kinematics of the Classical Mechanics: The Second Derivative of the Vector in One and Two Systems of Coordinates Rotating from Each Other Viktors Labendiks
9 Determination of Performances of an Internal Combustion Engine with Air Propeller in the Aerodynamic Experiment Valērijs Jermakovs, Igors Pavelko
10 Economic Estimation of Efficiency of the Analysis of the Fligths Security Natālija Smoljakova, Inta Laurena, Vladimirs Šestakovs
11 Extended Weakest Link Distribution Family. Prediction of Strength-Length Dependence for Carbon Fibers Jurijs Paramonovs, Jānis Andersons
12 Features of the Non-Stationary Liquid's Effluence from Several Tank-Wagons in Common Terminal's Pipeline System Valērijs Ušakovs, Gints Filipsons
13 Influence of the Quality of Operational Liquids Filtration Māris Hauka
14 Lamb Wave Interaction with a Fatigue Crack in a Thin Sheet of AL2024 – T3 Igors Pavelko, Vitālijs Pavelko, Ēriks Ozoliņš, Ilmārs Ozoliņš, Sergejs Kuzņecovs
15 Nomination of Specified Life Using Bayes-Fiducial Approach Jurijs Paramonovs
16 Offer of Safety Equipment Enhancements for Un-Regulated Crosswalks in Latvia Pāvels Jeļinskis
17 Optimization of Algorithm of an Inertial System of the Semi–Analytical Scheme Pjotrs Trifonovs-Bogdanovs
18 Quality Assurance Systems for Civil Aviaton Evita Lilienfelde, Vladimirs Šestakovs
19 Simulation Model of Choosing a Flight by a Passenger Jekaterīna Žukovska
20 Some Regularities of Impact Damage of Fibrous Composite Igors Pavelko, Vitālijs Pavelko, Rafal Andrzej Chatys, D. Kepka
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