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Patent number Date of publication (B) Title Authors Type
1. LV15390 20.05.2020. Construction of hollow metal minispheres and production method thereof Latvian
2. LV15415 20.02.2020. Synchronous reluctance generator with an addition magnetization Latvian
3. LV15433 20.02.2020. Method and device for impregnating porous products with nanoparticles Latvian
4. LV15379 20.11.2019. Magnesium phosphate cement and bio-based filler fast-curing construction block and its method of manufacture Latvian
5. LV15375 20.11.2019. Textile material reducing infrared radiation in the range of thermal spectrum Latvian
6. LV15381 20.10.2019. FE2O3/CA2FE2O5 photocatalyst system Latvian
7. LV15382 20.10.2019. Method for excitation of polymerization in novolac polymers Latvian
8. LV15331 20.08.2019. Bio-fiber and magnesium oxychloride cement multi-layer construction panel and manufactuirng method thereof Latvian
9. LV15339 20.07.2019. Composite fibre and production process thereof Latvian
10. LV15344 20.07.2019. Effective area measuring system for rare-earth doped optical fibers for telecommunications Latvian