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Atrasti 275 rezultāti, tiek attēloti no 31 līdz 40

Nr. Nosaukums Autori Pieteikuma datums
31. Amination of Carbenium Ions Generated by Directed Protonolysis of Cyclopropane 11.03.2019.
32. Cell Cycle arrest of RCC4-VA/VHL cells upon MDN-0066 treatment 16.05.2019.
33. Spectral data of 3-Arylpent-2-enedioic Acids 25.02.2019.
34. Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of novel derivatives of dithiodiglycolic acid prepared via oxidative coupling of thiols 12.02.2019.
35. NMR data of NH-aziridine-2-carboxamides 11.04.2019.
36. Peptidomimetic plasmepsin inhibitors with potent anti-malarial activity and selectivity against cathepsin D 01.02.2019.
37. The Influence of Isotropic Surface Roughness of Steel Sliders on Ice Friction Under Different Testing Conditions 26.11.2019.
38. An Ice Track Equipped with Optical Sensors for Determining the Influence of Experimental Conditions on the Sliding Velocity 24.03.2018.
39. Skeleton Runner Roughness and Surface Contact Area Influence on Sliding Ability: Field Experiments 10.04.2019.
40. The influence of ice topography on sliding over ice 14.11.2018.