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41. The influence of environmental conditions on sliding over ice: An experimental study from the bobsled push-start facility 12.06.2019.
42. Surface Roughness Measure that Best Correlates to Ease of Sliding 25.05.2016.
43. Influence of production parameters on hydrophobic sol-gel silica-based coatings 18.06.2019.
44. The influence of ice texture on sliding over ice 30.11.2018.
45. Measurement of sliding velocity on ice, as a function of temperature, runner load and roughness, in a skeleton push-start facility 24.03.2018.
46. The impact of ice texture on coefficient of friction for stainless steel with different surface roughness 01.04.2019.
47. Effect of Surface Modification on the Wettability and Static Coefficient-of-Friction between Steel and Ice 30.04.2019.
48. Electronic Supplementary Material (ESI) for New Journal of Chemistry 02.11.2019.
49. The Effect of Patterning and Surface Contact on the Sliding Speed over Ice 11.06.2019.
50. Convenience goods prices in Latvia from July 2018 till December 2019 13.12.2019.